Tabitha's Closet

We are proud to be the new home for Tabitha's Closet.

Tabitha’s Closet provides Independence School District school-age children new shoes and clothes.

During 2013-14, Tabitha's Closet provided 42,000 clothing items - which included 1,500 new shoes - to over 2,100 school children.

Tabitha's Closet began as an outreach ministry of First Christian Church of Independence but by 2013 outgrew the capacity of the church to serve over 2,100 children annually.

In 2015, the Northwest Communities Development Corp. agreed to take over operations of Tabitha's Closet and retain its name – a reference to a woman in the New Testament (Acts 9:36).

It helps out a lot finding clothes at the beginning of the year, the new shoes, it helps a lot. I don’t know how I could do it with their help.
— Tammy, Parent